Integrated Marketing Communications: Thesis Campaign

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Final Campaign!

So, as I work toward my final campaign – creating an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the American Red Cross – our first major piece is to conduct some market research.

I formed a simple 14 question survey to gather information and probe the general public about their charitable giving, specifically monetary giving throughout the year.

Here’s a link to the survey – Online Survey: Charitable and Non-profit Organization Donations

Day of Healing Video

The final version of the video, which features a day-long workshop facilitated by three sisters and holistic practitioners in the Lehigh Valley. A Day of Healing will serve women survivors of sexual abuse or trauma, teaching them skills and healthy ways to recover, renew and embrace their bodies after the trauma.

A Day of Healing (working version)

These sisters are amazing, and they agreed to let me film them talking about their past experiences with sexual trauma, and how it led them to healing work in counseling, yoga and energy medicine. Here’s a working version of the video I made for their Day of Healing event, being held May 18, 2013 at the East Stroudsburg University Downtown Bethlehem Campus at 60 W Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA. You can register for the event at the Day of Healing website.

Basics of Digital Video: Angles & Techniques

So, this week we were charged with going out and demonstrating some basics of digital video shooting a series of shots and mini-scenes.

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Lessons Learned and Raw Footage

This week was much needed. I’ll admit to being a bit intimidated, so it was a good push to get out there and start shooting. The weather in Eastern PA has been wonderful this week (finally!), so I took the camera and the dog out for a walk. I shot some raw footage down by the Lehigh River, which is the site of the old Bethlehem Steel campus (now home to an arts and entertainment center, including the Sands Casino).

So, a few things I struggled with as I filmed. First, was obviously how wobbly my hands were. I didn’t have my tripod with me (mainly because of juggling a 100 lb dog plus the equipment seemed like a disaster), so I think I’ll be able to fix that fairly easily.

The second issue was determining how to start and end the shot. I know Mike and Professor Post talked about allowing some wiggle room at the front and back end for edits, transitions and fades, but I must admit that in the moment, it’s hard to determine what that “wiggle” looks like. I think I need to approach it as the more the better right now. Since I’m not a Hollywood filmmaker with a budget to worry about at the moment, I’m going to err on the side of caution and try to shoot way more and multiple takes to ensure I have enough in the editing room. I always think of my Mom in these instances – she was a hairdresser in her younger years – and she always told me about cutting hair and other life things, “You can always add, but you can’t substract.” The reality of this is that I need to subtract, so I have to add more to compensate for that need.

The last thing is sound. I was outside, and I noticed after I was home the white noise of a construction truck moving on the other side of the river. I didn’t even notice it while I was walking or shooting, which shows how important it is to plan my shots. I can cut that out in the future, but if there’s something going on in the background and I need to capture something, I have to account for the fact that we’ll be able to tell where it’s cut and edited because that background audio won’t be continuous.

Those are a few of my challenges and lessons. I’m looking forward to diving more into angles and shots this week, and I’ll post my assignment early next week.


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Emerging media mash-up

As we wrap-up our class, and end talking about mobile media and all it has to offer the integrated marketing space, I was inspired to make a mash-up of sorts. This is a day in the life of me…with my iPhone.

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